Affiliation Agreement Real Estate

Affiliation Agreement Real Estate

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22. CONFIANCE ACCORD AND GARANTIE: After ratification, the contractor commits and guarantees that the negotiated terms of this agreement will be strictly confidential, now and forever after. Any discussion or disclosure of this agreement beyond the parties concerned is a serious offence on the part of the contractor and is the subject of legal action by REALTY CONNECT. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties, by their signatures below, confirm their understanding of the terms of this contract, which takes effect from the date ratified below by the contractor and the principal broker or representative of REALTY CONNECT. 15. TRADEMARK USE privilege: only panels authorized for sale REALTY CONNECT can be used, panels, open panels, business cards, print advertisements. The contractor`s privilege to use such trademarks and the privilege of making us REALTY CONNECT shipyard marks, “NOW” trademarks, business cards, promotional materials, headers and any other items bearing such marks or other distinctive features of the ISHR organization, are expressly conditional (i) on compliance with and complying with the standards and guidelines adopted by REALTY CONNECT and the guidelines adopted by REALTY CONNECT; (ii) the holder`s compliance with professional standards and professional standards and quality controls of the services adopted from time to time by REALTY CONNECT, including, but not exclusively, the professional standards and quality controls of the services adopted from time to time by REALTY CONNECT, including, but not limited, to the professional standards and quality of service controls adopted from time to time by REALTY CONNECT; and (iii) the contractor`s continued affiliation with REALTY CONNECT as part of the contract or a successor to this agreement. The licensee herein acknowledges that REALTY CONNECT is the sole owner of all rights, titles and interests on and on the above trademarks and agrees that any use of these trademarks by the licensee is insured solely for the benefit of REALTY CONNECT. The contractor will immediately cease to use the REALTY CONNECT trademarks in the event of termination or expiry without renewal of this contract.

All print advertisements are the (a) REALTY CONNECT LOGO (b) Equal Housing Opportunity Logo (c) REALTOR logo to clearly identify. All print advertisements must be approved by the broker and the contractor must adhere to a strict uniform standard. No reference to the Federal and Federal Fair Housing Act can be used in any advertisement.


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