PFT Tri-Gator® Packer Penetrator

When efficiency meet durability

The PFT Tri-Gator® * Packer Penetrator is our innovative field-attachable penetrator system, designed with a compact 0.99″ O.D. profile to meet restricted-bore applications. PEEK™ insulators and minimal use of elastomers increase the durability of this versatile no-splice unit.

PEEK™ is extremely well suited for all downhole applications. Depending on the material grade, PEEK™ can work continuously at 260º C (500º F). PEEK™, in comparison to molded rubber, does not take a “set” when put into compression nor is it subject to gas penetration. Combined with our oversized copper contacts, PFT Black Gator® connectors combine a longer run life with the ability to re-run components.

Standard systems come with 1/2″ NPT bushings to thread into packer. A wide variety of thread types and diameters can be accommodated simply by specifying thread dimensions and space-out at the time of order. All crossover bushings are QPQ coated for corrosion protection and anti galling. As a partner for Indonesian market, Benvors is comitted to deliver PFT Products in Indonesia. Kindly contact us for quotation or consult to PFT to spec out your system.