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About Us

Established in 2007, PT.Benvors Sarana Utama is a leading supplier and service in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Industry. We offer immaculate services as well as efficiency in lead time and price. We provide reliable flexible adn quality standard solutions for our client’s needs and experts in Wellhead products and services, Early Production Facility (EPF) Well Testing, Filling-up Tools and ESP Switchboard.

What we offer

Our diverse product serves functionality as well as efficiency and quality. Products such as the wellhead & X-Tree system, filling-up tools, and ESP switchboard proved with years of field experience. As an exclusive partner, we also carry products from PFT Gator, such as surface connector, wellhead feed-thru penetrator, lower connector, gator feed, gator splice, and packer feed-thru penetrators. We also provide a bespoke tailored-made product at our client’s request.

Our Service

We offer a comprehensive service in wellhead installation and repair. Our experienced crews proved with outstanding records from past projects. We also provide a rental service for fill-up tools and cold cutter casing.

Our Exclusive Partnership

As the sole agent of the ESP Overseas Principle for ESP accessories and the
exclusive agent of PFT Gator Cable Penetrator in Indonesia, we provide a Genuine product from our partners, suitable for our client’s needs.

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