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Wellhead Penetrator

PT. Benvors Sarana Utama is representative and sole agent for Power Feed Thru System & Connector LLC-Gator Penetrator.
PFT-Gator Penetrator is company from USA has focused in design, manufacture and supply for wellhead and packer penetrator.
Power Feed-Thru Systems & Connectors LLC… providing the latest technology in wellhead electric feed-thru systems and downhole connectors for electric submersible pumps. The PFT – Gator system delivers to you the best technology to solve your ESP power feed-thru challenges.

Penetrator in operate
Integrated Wellhead with Penetrator configuration
Penetrator in operation
Wellhead Penetrator
Cayman Penetrator
Two Pieces Penetrator
Tri Leg Penetrator
Cayman Express Penetrator
Standard Penetrator Mandrel
Two Pieces Penetrator
Packer Penetrator
Universal Connector Penetrator
Penetrator Lower Connector
Surface Connector
Universal Connector
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