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Our Separator are years of field-proven products. Our design,production, and examination are under rigorous qualitystandards. With three-phase horizontal design, The separatorcan efficiently separates the well effluent into threeconstituents such as gas, oil, and water.
All processed fluids can be individually measured and directedto for collection, burning/flaring, or controlled disposal,depending on the user’s needs.


  • Pressure, Temperature,and sampling ports on inletand outlet lines enablemaximum measurementand sampling in all phases.
  • Full-bore bypass manifoldwith isolation valves,enables routing of inleteffluent to gas, oil, andwater outlets.
  • Check valve included andfitted to vessel inlet nozzle.
  • Configuration and flexibilityof internal components.
  • Pressure safety valve onvessel with relief line toskid edges, diagonallyopposed grounding pointson skid-base, andexplosion-proof lighting atthe front and rear of theunit.


  • NuFlo™ liquid meters,enabling analog and digitalrecording options.
  • Flanged adaptor spools areprovided, allowing toretrofit of alternative liquidmeter types.
  • Flanged nozzle provision onvessel to allow optional Hi-Lo pressure and levelalarms and shut downsensors.
  • Interior coated withBelzona® 1391
  • CSC/DNV certified frameand skid.
  • Four-point lofting sling andintegral forklift pockets.
  • Skid-mounted tool box.

Benvors Separator

Benvors is one Indonesia’s leading manufacturers of separator and operate

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