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Wellhead System

Our lubricator assembly is designed to enable fase wellhead servicing operations in 2K/3K/5K/10K and 15K pressure classes. The interface connections vary depending on your demands and requrements, but we make sure they accommodaties, such as BPV, VR plugs, two-way check valves and hand tools, are available for API 6A equipment.
The Lubricator assembly consists of a lubricator, a VR plug or a BPV (optional) and a Parmelee friction wrench, etc.

Specifications :
. Standard API 6A
. Rating : 2000 psi ~ 15.000 psi, -59~180C
. Size : 1.1/16″ ~ 4.1/16″
. T/C: L ~ U
. M/C : AA ~ FF

As required stroke and rod length applications are available.

Lubricator Assembly for BPV

With our lubricator BPV or tree test plug can be instaled and retrieved hydraulically through a cristmast tree under well pressure.
Our lubricator has accessory parts that adapt it for most tubing sizes and Christmas tree working pressures. We provide hydraulic remote control system to make sure your operations and crew are safe.

Lubricator Assembly for VR Lubricator

With our lubricator VR plugs can installed in casing head, casing spool or tubing head side outlets to isolate gate valve from pressure for removal or repair.

In field operation, lubricator is rigged up on the gate valve outlet flange. With lubricator holding the pressure, the gate valve can be opened, allowing the VR plug to pass through the valve and be threaded into the head or spool outlet.

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