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ESP – Switchboard

PT. Benvors Sarana Utama is design, manufacture and testing for ESP swichboard. We already produced many of esp swichboard with many kind of variant depend on customer requirement. The Switchboard is full voltage pump panel, special design for Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) equipment. Enclosure is NEMA 3R, has a room separate for high and low voltage components. Indicator Light Red (Lockout), Green (Run), Yellow (Ready to start). 3 position selector switch Hand-off Auto. Start push button with legend, On-Off switch with legend for chemical pump. Motor controller c/w display, Ground fault and Back Spin with 3 KV rating Cable Probe (3 phase). Equipped with stored energy Load Break Switch, Vacuum Contactor Bristol Amp Recorder 24hrs – 7 days wind, Control Power Transformer.

Distribution Panel 600A

Benvors is one Indonesia’s leading manufacturers of switchboard for powering motor pump with variest motor controller

Rating : 1500V200A/60Hz
Standard : NEMA 3R / IP 56
Motor controller : MCCB 30A

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